Wellbeing Benefits of Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace

For the month of June we are sharing information and resources on how diversity and inclusion supports a healthy workplace culture and enhances the wellbeing of employees and the business itself.

Businesses enjoy many benefits for being diverse and inclusive, and research has shown this includes growing and maintaining the positive wellbeing and mental health of their workforce.

Heads Up Australia report “Experiencing discrimination, prejudice, and exclusion at work can be hurtful, and can result in employees feeling disengaged and dissatisfied at work. It’s a key contributor to an increased risk of anxiety, depression and self-harm for many Australians who feel ‘on the outer’ at work.”

When we focus on how diversity and inclusion support a healthy workplace, research from APM Human Services suggests there are many benefits a diverse and inclusive workplace has for employee wellbeing and the business including:

  1. Stronger sense of psychological safety and belonging.
  2. Improved resilience and ability to be flexible and adapt to changes in the workplace.
  3. More open to talk about and manage any mental health issues.
  4. Improved conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.
  5. Increased empathy and awareness of customer needs.
  6. Stronger team morale.
  7. More positive workplace atmosphere.
  8. Increased productivity and engagement from employees.
  9. Higher employee retention and loyalty.
  10. A larger and more diverse recruitment talent pool.

Wellbeing coaching support can help you to:

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    • Learn how to reduce stress in the moment
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    • Manage troublesome thoughts and feelings
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    Motivate you to take the steps that can relieve stress and burnout

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    • Improve your relationships at work and home
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    • Rediscover joy and meaning that make work and life worthwhile
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    • Increase your overall health and happiness

We're here to help

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    Our dedicated workplace wellbeing consultant Danielle (Dannii) Hose is here to support you and your business with free and confidential one-on-one wellbeing coaching and support to small business owners, their family members, and staff.

    Dannii is also able to provide information and advice to businesses on how to create a mentally healthy and psychologically safe workplace and run workshops.  Dannii works Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  To make an appointment time please email Dannii on consultation@vtic.com.au or call (03) 7035 5732.

    Partners In Wellbeing Case Study: Kim Kleinitz, VTIC Member and Business Owner of Jetty Road Retreat, Nungurner VIC click here

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This months wellbeing resources

Below you will find this months resources related to the monthly theme. We have separated the videos into the section below. VTIC’s Wellbeing Consultant we will be adding more regularly, the newest are found here on the main wellbeing page. All Wellbeing videos can be found here 



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29 May 2023