Looking for work in the tourism and events industry

Workforce planning and employment searches are the talk of the town in 2022. We have collated as many jobs boards as we can that relate to our industry. Some may need membership sign up to list, and others may be restricted for open search.

Save the prefered group or listing site to your account for regular reference.

Planning employment

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    New to the industry? Have a CV ready, and consider the diversity of what you can and could do in the tourism and events sector.

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    Some parts of our industry require licences and accreditation, check if you have these all up todate, or if you can get them whilst you are searching emplyment opportunities.

We're here to help

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    Reach out to our concierge if you are still uncertain on where to start, there are new opportunities being promoted and developed all the time. Concierge@vtic.com.au 

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    If you are interested in training and learning opportunities – we have a diverse list here.


A collection of jobs boards for Tourism and Events opportunities in Victoria

Below you will find a diverse range of jobs boards resources. We have listed each separately as some may be more particular for you to look for work, or post your job. We suggest you save your preferred one for easy access later, the saved links stay in your account.



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31 August 2022