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Here’s where you’ll find resources to assist you to navigate your business through diverse business challenges in this new era. Support is availably in many ways, via learning, mentoring, networking and grants or excellence programs. There is plenty to inspire, or just remind you of. We have joined with partners across the industry to provide a comprehensive hub for resources and tools to support your planning and response to COVID-19 and other current and future challenges. Tool kits, web links, video series and much more.

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We have many resources for different sectors

Each sector in our industry has varying support needs, click below to access sector specific resources relevant to your business.

Search our extensive range of support resources

Business support comes in many formats, try searching by topic on this page to find the relevant resource. These business support resources aim to meet your immediate needs and guide you through recovery. We will continue to update this hub with information and resources to support the industry moving forward. Note, new items will be added top left in this section.



Quick tips

Both industry and government support is available to all tourism and events operators. Find a snapshot here or for more search below.

Learning and Upskilling

We understand our diverse community takes in information in various ways, Victoria has world class traditional educational places, tafe and industry led programs as well. With more online learning and micro credentials available, our learning and education page offeres connections and resources to further improve your staff, students and managment. Choose the way you learn, and come back regularly for more options as we see the industry continue to evolve

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25 May 2022