Taking Care

  • Global Sustainable vision is required as we move towards 2030 and 2050. Look within your region or business to see what measures you can start the conversations with.

  • Sustainable practices in balance sheets and environment are great for cummunity and visitor value. Working together we will ensure Victoria can lead with sustainability in business and experiences.

Taking Steps

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Industry Highlights Across Victoria

As Victoria looks towards 2030, find visitor economy updates from across the sector, insights and useful targeted information for our industry and its operators. Look to these highlights or further below for more particular resources.

Sustainability Practice Resources & Insights

Sustainable actions and practices are essential for the opportunity to flourish into the future. The changing nature of this area and the insights available are often missed. We will add tools, learnings, global examples here to inspire and influence operators and leaders across Victoria.



Other helpful Information

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26 July 2022