VTIC have collated an extensive range of support resources to help your business restart and recover.

Consolidated and developed in collaboration with industry experts, these business support resources aim to meet your immediate needs and guide you through recovery.

We will continue to update this hub with information and resources to support the industry moving forward.

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Reopening Workplace Wellbeing Support

After so many months of staying home and physically distancing ourselves from others it can be difficult to suddenly go back to the workplace, even if many of the restrictions have been lifted, and it is now okay to return.

For many people returning to the workplace can bring up a range of feelings including fear and anxiety

We have provided some self-help resources to support members with reopening workplace wellbeing support during this time of transition as we reintegrate and navigate our way in the “new normal” Covid-19 environment.

We also provide members with:

  • Free and confidential one-on-one access to a highly experienced workplace wellbeing consultant and
  • Free financial counselling and business advice
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