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    We acknloweldge this industry is ever evloving, but strongly advise all operators to ensure licences, accreditation and certificates are kept up to date. Below are some of the main ones to look for, and we will add more as they emerge or update.

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    Consulting with community, industry networks and your teams will keep you connected to where best practice in your sector sits, We have put together a great list of industry contacts here.

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    Consider: First Aid, Working with Children Checks, Driver and other Licences, Food Handling, RSA, Public Liability, Professional Indeminity, Vehicle Registrations, Operator Licences, Fair Work, CPA Licences, Work Cover, Human Rights and many more areas of attention.

Taking steps

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    We have many resources here, so take your time, save some in your account  to return to later. Licences and Accreditation will vary from sector to sector.

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    Please create an account exclusively for this site. Once you have, you can save your favourite finds in one place for easy reference.

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    There are many awards programs across the state and industry, most of which require licences, insurance and accreditation. Celebrate your business with these and the expertise you include in your operation. It’s good for everyone.

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    Follow more via the VTIC blog on accreditation benefits for Quality Tourism Businesses here

Licences, Certification & Accreditation

Victoria has licences and accreditation opportunities that are global, local and national. Ensure you look for the best ones for your business and your people.



Other helpful Information

If you are still wondering, see what else could be helpful across the VTIC industry Support Hub

Industry Highlights Across Victoria

As Victoria looks towards 2030, find visitor economy updates from across the sector, insights and useful targeted information for our industry and its operators. Look to these highlights or further below for more particular resources.

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19 January 2023