Reopening Support

Adapting to the new COVID-normal landscape

As we adjust to this new COVID-normal, Victorian tourism businesses have reopened and are navigating the new operating landscape. Even though it might feel like things are slowly starting to get back to normal, many people remain anxious in the wake of the pandemic and are expressing worry and concern at the prospect of reopening.  People will be relearning how to exist in a work environment, be comfortable among a crowd on public transport, and just talk to people again.  Mental health experts have said the feeling of unease at resuming faster-paced, busier lives will be common.

For business owners and managers, it’s essential to know how to manage any anxiety and stress your staff may be feeling during the transition back into the workplace.  It is also important to know and skill your staff around things like how to manage difficult conversations with customers, preventing occupational violence and how to create a mentally healthy workplace.

The reopening transition is new territory for business owners and managers, so be mindful of taking care of yourself too. And, advice around the coronavirus is constantly evolving, so keeping up with the relevant information can be tricky and stressful.

VTIC is supporting industry with information and resources to help guide businesses through this transition phase with reopening workplace wellbeing support to get your staff and teams ready, and to support businesses with any wellbeing challenges they may face when it comes to operating in this new COVID-normal environment.

Our workplace wellbeing consultant Dannii is available for one-one-one consultations and can deliver workshops to you and your staff on workplace mental health and wellbeing.  Dannii can be contacted on consultation@vtic.com.au or (03) 7035 5732.

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