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Imagine what would be possible if a business, precinct or region not only existed in the physical world, but it also existed in the virtual world.

VTIC was delighted to partner with Sarah Seddon and Macutex to pilot an unique 360 imagery and 3D modelling product that showcases some incredible Victorian tourism businesses in this virtual world.

How did this project come about?

In a case of serendipity during COVID-19, Melbourne based building asset, assessment and data specialist Macutex and former Chair of Destination Melbourne Sarah Seddon, founder of marketing and strategy consultancy Sabre Collective, joined forces to create this new and innovative product offering called CITE.

CITE is a bespoke 3D digital model of a business with an embedded 360-degree immersive experience. The technology has been reimagined for hospitality, events, retail and tourism businesses with authentic storytelling and the customer journey at the forefront of the experience.

To support an industry in need, Macutex and Sarah donated their time, resources and technology IP to run this pilot project. Together, we identified 2 businesses and a region to introduce the new virtual sales and marketing tool to help operators stay connected with customers, stimulate a new online revenue stream and build organisational resilience during COVID-19.

“With many businesses in hibernation and with physical distancing restrictions in place, we began to imagine what is possible if your facility and the way you do business not only existed in the physical world, but also existed in the virtual world.” – Nathan Edwards CEO of Macutex.

So, what does it do?

CITE by Macutex is unique technology comprising of a 360-degree immersive experience within a 3D digital model of your business.

What is does:

In simple terms, the technology stitches together many photos and scans of a site using artificial intelligence to replicate the real world, in a digital world. Therefore, anyone can tour a site remotely and enjoy the same experience that you would, if you were there in person.

It certainly does not replace a physical visit, but it helps increase the desirability of a place or destination you have always wanted to visit but are unable to. CITE by Macutex essentially becomes your virtual ‘bucket list’ evoking an emotional response to want to discover more.

Sarah Seddon explains, “The silver lining in this disrupted world, was the ability to solve a problem for an industry segment in turmoil. Macutex was able to pivot an existing product and tailor it to new audiences, to create a virtual tool to drive sales and brand awareness, storytelling for bricks and mortar businesses like art galleries, cultural attractions, wineries, museums, event venues.”

With buzz words and technical terminology that sometimes can be confronting, CITE by Macutex is able to provide an easy to understand and financially achievable way for businesses to dip their toes into the water in this space.

With new CITE projects currently underway and several more in the pipeline over the next few months, it’s inevitable that this new customised digital technology is paving the way for the future of how customers can enjoy experiences with brands. And Victoria is now leading the way!


VTIC’s Pilot Program

This is how we showcased our members:

3 Digitalise your Business

If you are interested in exploring this new technology and what it can do for your business, contact:

Sarah Seddon
E: sarah@sabrecollective.com.au


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