Finding the best solution

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    It can be daunting to take on a project of writing awards or grant submissions, but the end result can be amazing. Below are some suggestions.

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    Choosing a mentor can take time. Make notes on what you are looking for, and be clear about what habits you have or want.

Taking steps

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    Plan ahead. Many are very busy, so they may not be available when you need.

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    Reach out to the Industry Development Team at VTIC if you have further questions.

Experienced Awards Mentors


More Resources to save for next time

There are grants, and mentors and submission writers available through other programs too. If you want to save these links for later, click on the star in the right of the box, and they will save to your HUB account.



Other helpful Information

If you are still wondering, see what else could be helpful across the VTIC industry Support Hub

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19 June 2023