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    We acknloweldge this industry is ever evloving, finding a mentor can be both in paid environments and in a volunteer capacity.

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    Finding the right Mentor is important for both mentee and mentor, consider your availability, your habits in relating to different communication methods, and how broad or tight you want a mentors skill base to be. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Taking steps

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    We have many resources here, so take your time, save some in your account  to return to later. Mentor programs, and industry contacts will vary from sector to sector.

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    We suggest you create an account exclusively for this site. Once you have, you can save your favourite finds in one place for easy reference.

Leadership & Mentors

Here you will find different resources that will help you on your leadership path and access to mentoring available for businesses and individuals in the visitor economy



Other helpful Information

If you are still wondering, see what else could be helpful across the VTIC industry Support Hub

Industry Highlights Across Victoria

As Victoria looks towards 2030, find visitor economy updates from across the sector, insights and useful targeted information for our industry and its operators. Look to these highlights or further below for more particular resources.

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28 March 2023