VTIC COVID-19 Recovery Masterclass

The COVID-19 Recovery Masterclass is where you will find practical assistance to plan your best recovery.

Workshop Recordings
1. Allan Briggs –VTIC | COVID SAFE OPERATIONS Run Time – 1 hour 29 minutes

2. Bronwyn White – VTIC | CASHFLOW CPR AND GROWTH HACKERSRun Time – 1 hour 25 minutes

How to Manage a COVID Outbreak in your Business – Resources

Current restrictions – Phase D Settings: here
VTIC Media Kit: here
COVID Clean Practising Business Module: Access training here
Outbreak Management: Victorian Government Guidance Document and updated matrix
How to clean and Disinfect after a COVID 19 Case: refer link below in resources list
Employer Notification Form: refer link below in resources list
Checklist – confirmed case of COVID in workplace : refer link below in resources list
Close Contacts Spreadsheet: refer link below in resources list
Workplace Risk Assessment: refer link below in resources list
Responding to customer Conflict: refer link below in resources list
Isolation Payment Application : here
Testing Payment Application : here
Deep Clean payment rebate information : here Deep Clean Rebate Application: here
Testing centre Near Me : here

90-day Accountability Program

VTIC Cashflow CPR, Growth Hacking Campaign.
Get Bookings Fast – program overview including email pro forma & phone call scripts: here
Content Crushers: here