Restrictions & Guidelines

Restrictions from 28 July

From 11.59pm Tuesday 27 July 2021, Victorians will be able to leave their homes for any reason. Face masks must still be worn indoors and outdoors except if at home or if an exception applies.

> Read the Premier’s Statement here.
> View the Summary of Restrictions here.

What does this mean to tour operators?

Electronic record-keeping

Use of the Victorian Government QR code service is now mandatory in all venues and facilities required to have electronic record-keeping for contact tracing purposes. You can view all the details relating to the free Victorian Government QR code system here.

Permit system for all travel into the state

Victoria has established a permit system for all domestic travel into the State from 11 January to support rapid contact tracing efforts. This is based on a traffic light system that allows Victoria to designate regions in other parts of Australia as green, orange or red, depending on the coronavirus risk in a particular area.

The permit system is for both travellers to Victoria and residents of Victoria returning home from interstate travel.

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