Venue calculator

VTIC and Worksmith have developed a venue feasibility calculator to help you determine how many patrons can be seated in your venue and how your revenue stacks up.

Add the dimensions of your front-of-house areas (each of them) in the fields below, by entering their width and length or their total square meter area. The Venue Calculator will let you know how many patrons are allowed in each space, as per Victoria’s guidelines at the time.

At the end of this page you will also find an user guide for the calculator.

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Disclaimer: The venue feasibility calculator is intended to provide guidance only and it does not take into account the specific needs of the business.   The tool should not be used solely to determine your profit, and where appropriate, the business should seek professional advice.   No liability is accepted by VTIC for the incorrect use of the tool, and VTIC cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personnel, property or equipment when using the calculator.

Feasibility Calculator