Data & Insights

State and Federal governments supported by private industry, regularly provide comprehensive research analysis and reporting for tourism industry businesses, regardless of business size.

TEVE Research Unit (for Victorian tourism data)

Victoria’s Tourism, Events and Visitor Economy (TEVE) research unit analyses and collates research and statistics relevant to Victoria’s tourism industry. To find out more visit the TEVE research unit website

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) maintains comprehensive Australian and Victorian data with regular new statistics that will help people to understand the impacts of COVID-19.

Relevant releases are listed in the resources below, with more available on the ABS website. For tourism and transport, visit this page.

Tourism Research Australia (TRA)

Tourism Research Australia (TRA) provide statistics and research for both international and domestic tourism that reveals the economic value of tourism to the economy.

TRA’s COVID-19 related releases are listed in the resources below.

See below for the latest data.


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