Australian Sports Museum in 3D


The Australian Sports Museum is the home of Australia’s largest collection of sporting memorabilia and was officially re-opened to the public on February 29, 2020 after an exciting, multi million dollar redevelopment.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has meant that everyone from school groups and families to sports lovers from Australia and beyond have been unable to visit the Australian Sports Museum since March.

However, this favourite destination is being brought to life again, with CITE by Macutex creating:

These initiatives will help engage and inspire people to once again connect with the Australian Sports Museum, and hopefully inspire them to visit this standout destination once restrictions ease.

The results so far:

Fast facts:

Future plans for the technology:

The technology has additional capability which may be activated in the future, including:


‘The virtual 3D model created by Macutex provides us with an important customer touchpoint to build awareness of the new Australian Sports Museum at the MCG. We have used it to engage with key audiences unable to visit while COVID restrictions are in place. We also see it as a tool to help us connect with new audiences to encourage future visitation, and to enhance the overall experience of visiting the Australian Sports Museum’.  Peter Bicknell, Marketing Services Manager – Melbourne Cricket Club

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