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Wellbeing During Flood Tips

Crisis of any type need some particular planning and preparedness. This page is to share options to support wellbeing endeavours during the 2022 floods. Reach out. Support is available.

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Flood Support

Victoria floods information when relevant are contnually evolving, this page offers links to official information.

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Support comes in many forms, grant opportunities, upskilling programs, mentors and more. Here a collection of diverse programs…

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Flood support is available

Both State and Federal Governments have support programs for people and businesses impacted by the October floods.

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Who to call in an Emergency

Emergencies arrive in any manner. This is a link to many different support and emergency or crisis groups.

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Business Interuption Plans

Changing the impact of the next crisis starts now. The 2020s started with a crisis no one was prepared for, lessons have and will continue to be learnt. This Hub page will share toolkits, information and other resources to help you plan for business interruptions.

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Protected: Calendar of Tourism Events in Victoria

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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and Roadmaps

We understand operating a business in these times is complex and have worked with industry experts to collate insights, government roadmaps, and advice. Restrictions will change per region and with the seasons. This page will assist with finding direct government links, ways to implement restrictions in your business, and tools to plan.

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Cancellation Policies

Where do you stand if guests cancel as a result of a crisis? Some suggestions and examples are listed here

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Business Victoria – Workshops: Free Online Workshops on specific topics

Business Development, Crisis Management, Financial Management, Marketing & Social Media, Online Business, Small Business Bus, Starting a Business

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Develop your active listening skills to tune in and build better relationships

Being able to tune in to others and use active listening is essential to creating and maintaining healthy, positive relationships. Whether you want to strengthen your relationships, resolve a conflict, or offer support to a person in crisis, good listening skills can make all the difference. (21:12 min)

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Wellbeing Tips for Flooded Communities

During floods or crisis events, wellbeing of staff, managers and communities are an essesntial focus. Please find some additional focus here for support.

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Search our extensive range of support resources

Consolidated and developed in collaboration with industry experts, these business support resources aim to meet your immediate needs and guide you through recovery. We will continue to update this hub with information and resources to support the industry moving forward.



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03 November 2022